Apollo Security Division

Manned Guarding and Mobile Patrol Security Services

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Apollo Security Division provide a wide range of security services tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Whether they want us to secure factories, industrial units, offices, garages, commercial and distribution centres and forensic mental health escorting. Our tailored security solutions are designed to be comprehensive and cost effective.

Put this together with our 24/7 coverage and it's hard to imagine a safer solution to your needs.

We understand that each site holds it’s challenges and its own individual levels of risk, theft, arson etc…, how the business is staffed, sector activity even location and layout play a role in the security of your site.

With this in mind before anything else we perform an in depth security review on your site(s), then our findings and recommendations will be presented to you. Where we will discuss your specific needs and agree to provide you with the appropriate level of physical security, technology and operational guidelines. The aim is for us to provide you with a professionally structured, value for money service that will blend in and ultimately become a part of your daily business. This is why where possible we recruit specific personnel in some cases even managers will be recruited for your contracts, meaning that we can provide a consistently high level of service with a minimal staff turnover.

Not only that but we also take this one step further by pointing out areas and ways of reducing security costs i.e. installing LED or low wattage security lighting will save you money without compromising your buildings security.

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