Apollo Security Division

NHS & Forensic Mental Health Security Services

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Apollo Security Division is a leading security service provider to the Forensic Mental Health Service. At Apollo Security Division we understand that the security service requirements of the NHS, MTH & FMH are unique, which is exactly why we have diligently honed our skills over the past 10 years providing security officers to doctors surgeries, secure wards & alterative health clinics. This length & level of service enables us to provide the best value service - first time and every time.

We have a broad spectrum of experience carrying out duties such as:

  • Escorting contractors on to live wards
  • Emergency guards to recovery houses & ward projects
  • Safe handling of exterior gates for patient transport egress and ingress

Therefore if you are looking to complete a project that requires contractors to work on live wards yet lack the internal security staff to do so safely, we are here to help.

Call us today on our H.Q line 0208 245 4747, our Stevenage line 01438 746 136 or email info@apolloplc.co.uk.