Apollo Security Division

Corporate Security Services

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Our Concierge and Reception operatives provide your business with a highly professional friendly service that you can rely on. Apollo Security Division can supply these services on a full-time basis, or to seamlessly support your in house staff over holiday and sickness periods or just to lighten the workload in your busy seasons.

Our trained staff can deliver all the same services your regular staff do for instance. They can provide simple meeting and greeting or switchboard call handling. Or they can maintain front of house security, monitoring the comings and goings. Ensuring that only authorised people enter your premises in a friendly but authoritative manner.

All of the staff are professionally presented, wearing our uniform or yours, our concierge staff  will be fully briefed on your business and the role you wish them to carry out. They will conduct themselves appropriately and respectably as a member of your staff and be held accountable to all of your internal practices, ensuring they meet and exceed your expectations of how your organisation is represented.